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Steve Christie, Professional Pianist and Vintage Keys Studio

Bespoke Piano Recording

What can Grand Piano Tracks offer you?

If you need a piano part recorded to insert into your own recording project, or as standalone piano accompaniment or backing track, Professional Pianist Steve Christie of Vintage Keys Studio can provide absolutely any piano parts you require, recorded on a variety of actual pianos or high quality sample library pianos, via MIDI. All recordings can be supplied in any format, sample rate or bit depth you wish. Midifiles can also be supplied for all MIDI recordings made.

About Steve

Steve Christie (BAmus) is a versatile pianist and seasoned performer, with perfect pitch, and the ability to transcribe and learn pieces of music from recordings without any sheet music available. He is also able to read music notation to a high standard. Trained as a sound engineer at Air Studios in the mid 1990s, Steve has had a lifetime of experience in the music and recording industry. He has produced a wealth of music for short films, documentaries and sports programmes, as well as his own eclectic selection of music. See his bandcamp page here:

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All recordings made by Vintage Keys Studio are fully licensed with the PRS.

How To Book A Recording

Contact Steve on (+44)7530 532767 or email at for a quote. Prices start from £40 GBP for a straightforward recording of pre-exisiting sheet music, but any music is possible, even without the sheet music. Most tracks take around an hour to produce, but for multiple tracks he can work around your budget. To book a session, we require payment in full up front. This can be made either using a bank transfer (BACS), or we can take credit or debit card payments with paypal (with 5% surcharge). Once the price and Job has been agreed, you will be emailed an invoice. Once payment is received, you will receive a receipt and be given a date by which the track(s) will be completed.


"Speechless! You've made the track sound amazing, thanks!" - Sunil (Banghra Track with Freestyle Piano part added)

"Thank You very much for this, sounds absolutely perfect! I have no doubt I will end up using your services again in the future. Thanks again," - Becki (Piano backing to Carole King 'You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman')

"...your piano playing has been absolutely excellent and I am chuffed with the results that you have produced, thank you." - Stefano (An album's worth of piano backing tracks of music ranging from Muse tracks to Neil Young to David Bowie)

"Simply outstanding...the tracks sounds great and I liked the little fills you added which contributed to the overall character. You've inspired me to pick up [an AKG] D19 [vintage microphone]. Looking forward to finishing the track soon..." - Zack (A selection of upright piano, harpsichord and Hammond organ recordings for a song project)